antibacTR is designed to help in identifying potential antimicrobial drug targets on Gram-negative bacteria. Please start by selecting the proteomes of interest. Proteins will be ranked according to a set of different criteria listed below. Each criterium has an associated weight factor, which modifies its influence in the final ranking. If a protein is similar to a known drug target or virulence factor, the corresponding link will be shown.

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Fine-tune scoring weights
Weight values are relative to each other, range is not defined.
If you wish to ignore a specific ranking parameter, a weight of 0 (zero) can be applied.

Essential GN-Conservation Strain-Conservation Toxicity Paralogs

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If you are interested in specific proteins, please insert their sequences in FASTA format in the box below.
The output will be restricted to related BLAST hits.

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This project has been supported by funding under the Seventh Research Framework Programme of the European Union (ref. HEALTH-F3-2009-223101, AntiPathoGN) and the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation (BFU2010-17199).

If you find this server useful please cite:
antibacTR: dynamic antibacterial-drug-target ranking integrating comparative genomics, structural analysis and experimental annotation.
Panjkovich A, Gibert I, Daura X.
BMC Genomics. 2014 Jan 17; 15:36.